Easter Camps

Every Easter Weekend / Every Year

Easter camp is one of the highlights of the year for Baptist Youth Ministries.

We have four thriving camps:

  • Northern held at Mystery Creek, Hamilton caters for over 4,500 young people and leaders who are there to worship, play sports, show off their talents and so much more .
  • Central Easter camp is based in Manfield Park, Fielding where highlights are top town, ignite sports and talents comps.
  • Southern camp runs for all of the South Island and has 4,000+ young people and says of itself, “this is the best time you will ever have!”.
  • E camp for Intermediates is held at Findley Park in Cambridge and is known for all the fantastic water sports, crazy crafts and amazing games.

All the camps work really hard at being somewhere fun and safe where young people can discover the amazing claims of Jesus and belong to a fantastic youth community that loves them.

Check out the video to see some of the things we get up to.

Bring on the next one 3rd - 6th April 2015!!  Check back later to see updated info posted.



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