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  • Liz Walker Roadshow Tour 16 January 2015

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    "Healthy Sexuality for Teens" One Day Workshops  - coming to a town near you!  $85pp

    Accredited Professional Development by Liz Walker

    Do you feel undertrained in the area of youth sexual health? Have you noticed how much porn is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e? “Healthy Sexuality for Teens in a Sexualised Culture” is an accredited PD Workshop Intensive designed for anyone who works with teens.

    Sexologist, mum, teen life coach, presenter and sexuality educator, Liz Walker brings insight into raising teens with a positive attitude towards their bodies and peers, and offers strategic tips for healthy sexual development. 

    After years working with youth and helping teachers and parents address healthy sexuality and risk behaviours, Founder and National Director of Youth Wellbeing Project, Liz has incredible insight into what conversations are needed with teens.  With a high focus on increasing protective factors, Liz equips parents, counsellors and educators with real strategies for proactive parenting and building strong channels of communication.  

    If you work with teens, need to know more about porn culture, or are undertrained in the area of youth sexual development, health & wellbeing, this workshop will increase your effectiveness to address these key life issues. 

    For more information about Liz Walker click here
    Master of Health Science (Sexual Health); Diploma of Community Welfare Work; TAE 40110 Cert IV Training & Assessment


    READ MORE                                             BOOK NOW $85pp (incl) SPECIAL BYM PRICING ------->

  • 16 January 2015

    Three Minutes Left To Live!

     A mission-themed, short film competition for NZ Baptist youth groups

    You have three minutes left to live. 180 seconds of life to somehow impact the world for God. What will your final mission be?

    This is the challenge the NZ Baptist Missionary Society (NZBMS) and Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) are sending out to youth groups across the country; make a short three minute film about what you would do for God if you discovered that was all the time you had left to live. We’re really looking forward to the stories you’re going to tell – how you would tackle a last, all important mission for God - so get your team together, get creative, and put together your own original short film!

    The grand prize is pretty amazing. We will send two people from the winning team to Papua New Guinea we’re they’ll see some of the fantastic work NZBMS is involved in. They’ll be able to put their film making skills to good use by making a short film about what they see God doing in PNG!  

    All entries must be submitted by the 15th of March,
    the best entries from each region will be played at Easter Camp. 

    ENTRY DETAILS & GUIDELINES                                                  CLICK FOR SUBMISSION FORM 





Key Dates for Film Festival

  • March 15th: 
    Entries Close 

    Easter Camp Weekend
    Regional Finalists shown

    10th April:
    Grand Winner Announced





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