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  • 11 November 2014

    Youth Ministry Training 2015

    We have had such positive feedback from our new BYM/Carey, Foundations in Youth Ministry course that we want to continue to grow it and use it to train great youth workers. It’s theologically based with highly practical from experienced youth pastors. It’s  done over two short block courses in one semester to make it accessible for ALL youth workers. The first semester course will be run in Auckland and the second semester course is all set for Christchurch. 

    It can also be part of your one or two year internship if you are studying at a distance so give us a call and we’d love to talk to you more about it. Call Sam Kilpatrick on 021 488 955 or Heather Ameye-Bevers on 021 615 717.

    Check out the latest brochure for our three key training options… or you could get started by doing our Foundations of Youth Ministry Course in 2015

    Another new paper that is so needed in youth ministry right now is  The Gospel and Youth. The course will place a high emphasis on thinking through both the challenges for youth of living out the gospel in the 21st century, as well as developing evangelistic strategies within youth ministry, at both individual and group level. To find out more go to


  • Old Skool Event Manual 20 October 2014

    Old Skool Event Manual

    “Remember the 80’s??  The great days when you could get your youth group of 40 into two vans, before OSH was a swear word??? Back in those heady days of youth ministry there was an amazing youth organization called Youth for Christ and they knew how to run great events that had young people coming back for more.

    We’ve found and resurrected these great special event manuals just for you and your youth group!!! Some of these fun nights had been lost to time at the back of our bookshelf but with modern technology we can convert it so you can change it to suit your youth ministry –  Click HERE and wonder how you ever did youth ministry before!!



  • Baptist Youth Ministries Recommends Manna Bookstore

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