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  • Worship Camp 2014 07 August 2014

    Worship Camp 2014

    Wednesday 8th October - Saturday 11th October

    Worship is our response to God in our lives; so let’s get together to share ideas, to learn from one another, so that we can do it better! Worship is more than just music, notes and lyrics, it reveals itself in many forms, so let’s explore all of those as one people in Christ. 

    So bring your instruments, bring your gear and lets Worship God together in many forms, but centred around beautiful music.

    Our Guest Speakers are: Dale Campbell, Daniel Marshall and Jess Brock.  The camp is being held at the beautiful lakeside camp in Rotorua, Camp Keswick. To register for this event click on the Register Now link .



  • BYM National Hui 2014 27 August 2014

    BYM National Hui 2014 - On This Week

    Tues 26th August - Friday 29th August

    Every couple of years youth pastors, key leaders and interns from all over New Zealand gather together. We come together to be refreshed, tell our stories, to hear what God is doing, to enjoy God together and to discern what God is doing in the nation. 

    It is being held this week at the beautiful lakeside camp in Rotorua, Camp Keswick.  



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